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Movement workshops that make a positive impact in the lives of the people you see daily

Penny Shure Pilates

Penelope Shure treats and teaches each client who comes through the door with attention, compassion and kindness. Her unique ability to connect with people’s individual needs and personality brings about positive changes quickly, with a seemingly effortless approach in an elegant boutique studio setting.

Workshops are held onsite at YOUR location for YOUR convenience! PMA continuing education provider, certified Meeks Method instructor & studio owner Penelope Shure brings the studio to you, along with her expertise, energy & compassion.  You get a personalized, educational and enjoyable workshop to share.  Participants leave stronger, smarter, self-empowered and feeling great! All you need is a minimum of 8 people who want to be stronger, smarter and empowered after spending 3 hours with Penelope Shure! 

Pilates Workshops & Classes

We are currently planning our 2018 workshop schedule!

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Workshops are designed to provide dynamic movement solutions to the specific individual needs of your patients, clients, students, group members, family, and friends. Choose from an array of different options that best suits your needs.

Workshops are 3 hours in length, $110.00 per person with a maximum of 20 people unless otherwise noted. Please bring your own mat, hand towel and water bottle. If you need to purchase these items, see my recommended equipment page!

Current Workshops

For Fitness Professionals

The Pilates Method Alliance awards continuing education credits for workshop participation through Pilates for Every Body. A 3-hour workshop provides 3 CEC’s. There is an additional fee of $20.00 per workshop when CEC’s are provided.

The following workshops are approved as PMA CEC providers:
Gentle Pilates
Do You Pee when You Laugh?
Happy Feet
60+ For Women Over 60
Are You Afraid of Falling?

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Are you afraid of falling? workshop

Are You Afraid of Falling?

This workshop addresses the emotional and physical challenges that affect adults with balance, pain, and bone density issues. Exercises that strengthen the feet and core, as well as the breathing muscles, are taught. Safe modifications of activities of daily living are included. Participants leave with a new awareness of posture confidence in their individual abilities to enjoy safe movement and "be in the moment".

Do you pee when you laugh workshop

Do You Pee When You Laugh?

Or sneeze, or cough, or run, jump or surprisingly whenever you don't want to? If so then you're going to LOVE this pelvic floor strengthening workshop. Learn simple exercises you can do anytime, anywhere to strengthen your pelvic floor powerhouse muscles and gain control over urinary incontinence issues. There ARE things you can do to gain and maintain strength.

Internal Alignment Awareness workshop

Internal Alignment Awareness

A movement class that lays the foundation for SAFE exercise modifications and lifestyle adaptations, IAA is the perfect complementary workout to all your favorite ways to move your body. Participants learn to find their unique neutral placement and move, stretch & strengthen from that base of support. Core stabilization, along with a balanced flow from one exercise to the next allow everyone to develop an understanding of SAFE movement. Participants learn to feel and listen to their bodies, how their compensatory patterns affect their posture and how these patterns can be adjusted to improve alignment awareness and proprioceptive functioning. This class is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. The Pilates principles of control, stabilization, breathing, concentration and finding your personal full range of motion are stressed and applied to each exercise with an emphasis of working from least to most compression on the spine to relieve pain and avoid fracture risks. The body-mind-spirit connection is discussed and explained and put into practice

Pilates for Women over 60

For Women over 60

(and 60 is the new 50) We are aging differently then we used to. Women are stronger, more independent & vibrant than ever before. We are working longer, sometimes beginning new careers instead of retiring, and often care takers for both the younger and older generations we are sandwiched in between, adding new challenges and different stresses to our lives. Aches and pains have a way of sneaking up on us when we least expect them especially as our bodies age. Learn how to add movement to your personal wellness tool kit and experience first hand the "fountain of youth" benefits that Pilates has to offer with safety modifications necessary to avoid injuries caused by strengthening compensatory movement patterns and bone density changes that can come with age. A sedentary lifestyle, sitting at a desk all day or standing on your feet all day at work both can contribute to pain issues if posture, breath and bone health are not addressed. Core strength & breathing are necessary to support us physically and emotionally as we age. Pelvic floor, joint health and our feet can be compromised with age.

Come learn how you can find the control and body wisdom necessary to deal with the specific challenges your body faces over 60. The lessons learned in this workshop will resonate with all areas of life.

Million Dollar Bones workshop

Million Dollar Bones

Designed for kids 8 and older, this workshop emphasizes the prevention of osteoporosis at a time in life when it makes the most difference – the teen years.
Through movement and media, Penny teaches the lifestyle modifications necessary to build strong bones and nurture healthy habits towards a lifetime of wellness. This workshop is meant to be adapted for classroom settings with the sincere hope that knowledge will create empowered young people. This is also an ideal inter-generational experience. Media sharing is encouraged and appreciated.

Are your feet aching or stiff? - Link

Happy Feet

There IS something you can do about it right now! Learn safe, effective exercises that will stretch and strengthen your feet and ankles. Understanding basic anatomy and neutral alignment concepts will give you Happy Feet!

Bring your child to Pilates workshop

Bring Your Child to Pilates!

This workshop is proving to be ideal for kids in sports, dance, gymnastics, theater and everything in-between. Participants will gain core control and alignment in order to safely improve flexibility and performance. It's really fun for the parent and child to learn as a team. Learning SAFE and proper technique at a young age helps combat injuries as well as scoliosis concerns.
This is a 60 minute class. Only $90 per couple!

Private Pilates Sessions

Private Sessions

Private sessions are an ideal way to develop a personal Pilates practice specific to your individual needs. Working one on one with Penny gives her the opportunity to get to know you and your body without interruption and giving you all of her attention. We review your goals and go over questions & concerns you may have in a private setting at a time that is convenient for your busy schedule. When you establish yourself as a private client either in the peaceful Albany, NY studio or remotely you get the special attention you deserve. The studio is equipped with Pilates apparatus to further enhance your session.
$75.00 per 55 minute session, by appointment only.

Packages Are Also Available

5 for $365.00
10 for $700.00 Please give 24 hour notice to avoid being charged if you have to cancel.

In the Media

Penelope Shure is certified through the Pilates Method Alliance and received her classical certification through Power Pilates, NYC in 2003. She is a Meeks Method osteoporosis exercise specialist, and has trained extensively through Pilates Therapeutics in foot, scoliosis and performing arts specialization with Dr. Suzanne Martin. She loves working with dancers and people of all ages. She has guest taught at several workshops nationwide. She teaches private apparatus classes at Pilates for Every Body, located at 1674 Western Avenue in Albany, NY by appointment. Penelope is an adjunct professor in Albany at the College of St. Rose in the physical education department where she teaches Pilates. She also teaches group classes at Albany Dance & Fitness. A graduate of Syracuse University, Penny is a former National Osteoporosis Foundation support group leader and a former blogger for the holistic wellness section on bone care and exercise of the Albany Times Union newspaper.

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