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Marodyne LiV Device

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Product Features

The acceleration output from the Marodyne LiV device is constant throughout the session of use. The user will likely shift their weight loading and stance during use of the device. This behavior is constantly monitored by the device and it adjusts itself to maintain the 0.4g acceleration.

The device is designed for years of use. It has a metal top and bottom case to withstand the usual daily use of the device. A visual display shows the session time and the position of the user for optimal exposure to LiV during the session. The device can be attached to the electrical supply and maintains a standby mode when it is not in use, so it will not be necessary to turn the device on and off at each session of use.

The device is portable and is supplied with a smart travel bag to enable the user to take their device with them. The electrical requirements for the Marodyne LiV are designed to allow use in a broad number of countries.

The device has a number of uses for musculoskeletal health:

  • Redevelops muscles
  • Restores motion to joints
  • Adjunct treatment for obesity
  • Relieves minor aches and pains
  • Temporary and local increases in circulation

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