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There is No Such Thing as Too Expensive

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TOO EXPENSIVE, only the belief that the potential gain is not
worth the cost.

I’m going to get back to this later but first want to share with you some statistics from the
National Osteoporosis Foundation. HALF of all women over 50 and 25% of all men the same
age will get an osteoporosis related fracture. Millions more people have compromised bone
health that is leading them in that direction. This is a significantly greater figure than the
numbers of affected individuals suffering from breast cancer, heart disease, stroke or prostate
cancer which get so much media attention. Perhaps one of the biggest reasons bone diseases
don’t have the same “hype” is due to the fact that for so long they are silent! However, once a
fracture is sustained it often leads to a further decline in overall health.
The financial expenditures alone due to post fracture treatment and preventive medications
are skyrocketing. This not only has a huge effect on each individual’s financial bottom line, it
crosses over into their emotional & of course physical well-being. Post-fracture living is
frequently painful & limiting due to the loss of productivity, income, confidence, self-esteem
and overall quality of life. Going from independent to dependent is an incredible challenge for
everyone involved in that person’s immediate community & environment in every way. Life is
not the same and in some cases is never going to be the same.
I am Penny Shure. I have osteoporosis and understand first-hand the fears, questions and
concerns that arise with making the decisions that will have such a significant impact on your or
your loved ones’ individual health. Because of my experience as both a patient and a
practitioner directly working to prevent fractures through my work as a Pilates movement
practitioner, I am deeply attached to helping everyone stay healthy for the long haul as they
journey through life.
Both my work as I teach privately and the programs and equipment I recommend for clients to
purchase are all effective in the conservative approach to osteoporosis prevention and fracture
prevention. Through physical alignment awareness and SAFE movement education, along with
the wellness programs that raise personal awareness to the lifestyle adaptations necessary to
improve bone health and especially the use of the Marodyne Low Intensity Vibration platform
which has not only been proven safe for everyone, especially in frailer and infirm people AND
was funded by both NASA and the NIH along with other agencies around the world, it is my
hope to empower the people I teach to stay strong, healthy and fracture free.
That being said, the potential gain, which in this case is a pain-free, fracture-free lifetime that
allows you to live your dreams, enjoy your family, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren,
work, travel and maintain the quality of life you are accustomed to becomes a fraction of the
cost related to the burden of living with the side effects and complications related to fractures
caused by osteoporosis.

Purchasing a private session with me on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. attending a workshop or
buying my Gentle Pilates video is a significant step on your path to bone health. That, along
with the purchase of the LIV platform which only requires you to stand on it for 10 minutes
daily becomes literally a drop in the bucket financially when you begin to compare it to the
overwhelming financial burden of life in a post fracture world and the toll it takes on you, your
loved ones and your future well-being.
I have never addressed my work in this way so specifically but I want to make it clear in the
most transparent way that I can. Working with me is like putting money in your IRA! You
cannot put a price on your health and anyone who has suffered a devastating health diagnosis
is keenly aware of that. What is your future health & present well-being worth to you in
dollars? I know plenty of women over 50 who eagerly spend money on Botox injections to look
younger, coloring their hair, anti-cellulite creams and weight-loss programs. All of this comes at
a cost that is quite often much higher than what you will pay for a private lesson with me. I
used to say with a smile that “Time spent with Shure is worth every Penny!” I say that to you
now in all seriousness. I know that by making your time with me a part of your wellness tool
kit, it is simply the most significant and important part of your self-care budget. When you truly
understand the purpose of physical alignment in your wellness regimen you will realize that
whatever you are doing to try to change yourself from the outside in is in no way comparable
to the work that your do from the inside out.

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