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Airplane Workout | Audio Download


Airplane Workout | Audio Download

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Maybe you don’t need another lecture telling you the dangers of sitting for hours on end to your health because by now you get it! However, as I promised you, Pilates for Every Body has a solution for this and as usual, it’s fun, easy to do, and affordable!

Aside from the painful stiffness, sore muscles and cramping that comes from sitting too long, there is the inactivity that causes our blood flow to slow, pool in our legs & feet, cause uncomfortable swelling and dangerous blood clots. Along with drinking lots of water daily, especially when flying, do my audio airplane workout while you travel! 

I promise you that you will have a happier trip and a healthier body. Yes, I realize that seats are often small and confining but this workout is safe to do and designed to be done in a small seat! Whether you fly for business regularly or pleasure occasionally, make your experience safe.

For less than the price of that onboard cocktail, you can purchase my new audio airplane workout, put on your headphones and get tuned in to personal wellness with me & turned on to me, Penelope Shure! 

2 small balls are needed. You can use tennis balls or go to the Equipment page and purchase the Red Mini Smooth Ball set from Amazon. (Those are my favorites)

Are you purchasing as a gift? Great! When you make your payment and download the file, feel free to email it to your giftee with a message letting them know you’ve bought it for them!

2 reviews for Airplane Workout | Audio Download

  1. Gina (verified owner)

    This is wonderful! How can you get this sold in airports?

  2. Sue

    Maybe you can sell it airport shops?!

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