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Gentle Pilates Video Workshop & eBook Package


Gentle Pilates Video Workshop & eBook Package

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Video & eBook Package *BEST DEAL!*

The video and eBook together give you a wonderful start to your Internal Alignment home practice.  While the book allows for deeper research and understanding, taking the class each day while watching the video brings Penelope Shure into your personal workout space where you have the opportunity to get the benefit of her gentle, healing voice and demonstrations.  It’s the next best thing to having her with you in person!

The Internal Alignment Awareness video on Gentle Pilates is the first in a series of full length videos that explain and teach alignment in an easy to learn and easy to implement way.  Beginning with breathing, learn how to align and maintain a neutral pelvis and create a stable base of support in the body that allows you to stretch and strengthen without perpetuating destructive habitual movement patterns.  The video SAFELY flows from exercise to exercise going from least to most compression on the spine, waking up stiff joints while strengthening the muscles around them in a deliberate and lovely way.  End with a peaceful light & love filled meditation building a connection between body work, spirit and intention.


This book is a compliment to the Internal Alignment Awareness video and is terrific for those who want a deeper understanding of what this work is all about.  There is a detailed breathing sequence at the beginning that combines colors, sounds and energy healing into a mixture drawn from ancient Qigong teachings that is a wonderful way to improve aerobic capacity, increase relaxation and develop concentration in the body.  Each exercise is accompanied by detailed instructions and photographs to help you in your home practice.

Are you purchasing as a gift? Great! When you make your payment and download the Welcome PDF with the login information, feel free to email it to your giftee with a message letting them know you’ve bought it for them!

1 review for Gentle Pilates Video Workshop & eBook Package

  1. Esta Farkas (verified owner)

    I have only just begun to study this Internal Alignment Awareness course, and it is already affecting the way I sit, stand and move. I am very excited about covering all the material, a bit of it each day. We are so fortunate to have access to a fantastic and knowledgable teacher like Penny. Thank you so much, Penny for putting all of this together for us, in a form that we can use and study from a distance.

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