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Gentle Pilates | Video Workshop


Gentle Pilates | Video Workshop

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This video provides PEACE to those who do it.  Even once is enough to begin to feel the numerous benefits.  Daily practice brings physical alignment, inner peace & outer strength along with confidence in your ability to believe in yourself.

The Internal Alignment Awareness video on Gentle Pilates is the first in a series of full-length videos that explain and teach alignment in an easy to learn and easy to implement way.  Beginning with breathing, learn how to align and maintain a neutral pelvis and create a stable base of support in the body that allows you to stretch and strengthen without perpetuating destructive habitual movement patterns.  The video SAFELY flows from exercise to exercise going from least to most compression on the spine, waking up stiff joints while strengthening the muscles around them in a deliberate and lovely way.  End with a peaceful light & love filled meditation building a connection between body work, spirit and intention.

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7 reviews for Gentle Pilates | Video Workshop

  1. Ann

    Penny, I finally watched your video and just LOVED it — brought back such happy memories of being your client.

  2. Gerri Ratigan (verified owner)

    Penny’s video was delightful. I’ve never been much on exercise, but her gentle Pilates was just the thing. Wow! The video was so easy, it almost seemed I wasn’t exercising at all. Yet my body felt great. During the session, I felt energy enter my muscles and the next day was even better. I enjoyed that great feeling of muscles that were treated to the perfect workout – just a little tingly like they’d remembered and well appreciated. I look forward to doing this regularly.

  3. Joan

    Absolutely wonderful presentation. Instructions and cues were very effective. Look forward to more!

  4. Patty

    This is a wonderful, wonderful video workshop! it is very informative and I will be able to bring this work to my present and future clients. Penny you are a fantastic teacher and I look so forward to working with you in the future. Thank you so much!

  5. Mike

    My back already feels relief after the first time doing it today. Thank you!

  6. Bilgé

    Since I started doing this exercise, my body has been feeling stronger, and more well-coordinated overall. Penny’s video is at an incredibly wonderful pace, and she walks you through each next segment smoothly. Her video is very well-thought out to be inclusive of any body and age type. It is not overwhelming, and yet, you realize that your body has been challenged and improved after the exercise. As a dancer with multiple injuries in my feet, her videos have been helping me tremendously. Thank you Penny!

  7. Lois Bailey

    I’ve been doing this gentle workout series several times per week for 4 years and it has made a remarkable difference in my core strength, alignment, posture and physical self-confidence. In fact someone behind me at choir rehearsal the other evening complimented me after practice for my “sporty” body – pretty good for polio survivor pushing 70! The video has a good pace, is easy to follow, and progresses in a thoughtful and deliberate way. Although this is called “gentle” it is an amazing workout that you won’t ever regret doing.

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