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Gentle Pilates | Internal Alignment Awareness eBook


Gentle Pilates | Internal Alignment Awareness eBook


This book is a compliment to the Internal Alignment Awareness video and is terrific for those who want a deeper understanding of what this work is all about.  There is a detailed breathing sequence at the beginning that combines colors, sounds and energy healing into a mixture drawn from ancient Qigong teachings that is a wonderful way to improve aerobic capacity, increase relaxation and develop concentration in the body.  Each exercise is accompanied by detailed instructions and photographs to help you in your home practice.


A movement class that lays the foundation for SAFE exercise modifications and lifestyle adaptations, IAA is the perfect complementary workout to all your favorite ways to move your body. Learning how to stretch properly and maintain pelvic alignment is critical in order to properly strengthen the body.


Format: Downloadable PDF


Participants learn to find their unique neutral placement and move, stretch & strengthen from that base of support. Core stabilization, along with a balanced flow from one exercise to the next allow everyone to develop an understanding of SAFE movement. participants learn to feel and listen to their bodies, how their compensatory patterns affect their posture and how these patterns can be adjusted to improve alignment awareness and proprioceptive functioning.

This class is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. The Pilates principles of control, stabilization, breathing, concentration and finding your personal full range of motion are stressed and applied to each exercise with an emphasis of working from least to most compression on the spine to relieve pain and avoid fracture risks. The body-mind-spirit connection is discussed and explained and put into practice.

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