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Small Things, Great Love

This blog is dedicated to sharing the insights into life & personal wellness that are shared with me through mutual research and anecdotal personal experiences.

For example, through association with clients learned about the benefits of Manuka honey from New Zealand. I was able to share this information with someone who had gotten an infection so severe while on vacation that she almost lost her foot. None of the prescribed antibiotics made a difference and it was the topical application of the honey that reversed the damage.

This is just one example of the connections made in the studio that become significant life altering experiences. I have come to understand this as the energetic synchronicity of information that comes with alignment work. I believe that the people I meet in my studio and in life are not only meant to touch my life; they are quite often meant to connect with each other.

Several years ago, the husband of one of my clients came in to my studio to say that his wife had been severely depressed for years but since she had been coming to group classes she was a completely different woman. He said he was forever grateful because she finally was making friends and feeling good about herself again. He said it saved her and them.

Recently I had the delight of teaching a 16-year old teen age girl. She had been bullied and ostracized so badly in school that her parents had begun home schooling her. Her mother said that her weekly private sessions with me were the only things she looked forward to. She embraced Pilates and did mat work daily at home and in a short time her anxiety began to ease and her self-esteem develop.

This blog is dedicated to the amazing women and men I meet and teach daily and for giving
them a platform to share their brilliance. I believe we all have something to teach or share with the rest of the world in our communities big and small and am excited to invite you to share your stories, experiences and insights. These are the life lessons that time teaches us and sometimes our legacies can be pivotal in the lives of others. Mother Teresa said, “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” In that spirit, I invite you to
read, share, and inspire, thank you!

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